St. Johns Country Day School

The St. Johns Experience

A Small School As Big As Life

The Academic Experience

What goes on at St. Johns Country Day School is real learning, not rote memorization, test prep, or homework for homework’s sake. Our faculty approach teaching in general and their subject matter in particular with enthusiasm and creativity. When needed, our teachers give a push. Students, and their parents, consider this to be challenging, individually tailored “high expectations” that can be met, not undue, counterproductive pressure.

The St. Johns teachers are also credited with understanding and working with students’ different learning styles. A parent described her daughter as “a tactile learner” who “needed to learn how to incorporate in her education what works for her creativity.” According to her, St. Johns is “finding all the avenues that work to build these individuals and give them their ability to succeed.”

“On academics, we looked at a lot of schools, both private and public. It was interesting after five days. Our answer was our kids will be fine everywhere. They’ll thrive at St. Johns. We have a daughter who’s gifted, so she’s two to two-and-a-half grades ahead, which is a lot to manage, and this is the only school in the community that has an accelerated track for elementary school. So not only is its curriculum ahead, but it also has an accelerated option. She got a B, B-plus this week. I was so excited, because I need her to learn how to deal with failure now, not when she’s 18 or 19, and the fact that she’s challenged for the first time in nine years.”


For a small school, St. Johns offers an outstanding array of opportunities to enrich students at all levels. These range from foreign language instruction beginning in Pre-K to Middle School’s multi-day trips to Upper School’s good selection of regular, honors, AP, and elective offerings with plentiful arts and athletics. The small size of both the school and classes means there is no hiding, so students do not get lost. It also allows teachers to understand students (and their strengths, weaknesses, needs, and learning styles) as individuals and to encourage them to explore, share, and shine in safe and supportive situations. The result is that students and young alumni are distinguished by their composure and comfort with adults. Despite coming from a small, nurturing school, graduates are ready for the independence and self-advocacy demanded at college, especially the very large universities that many attend, and ultimately to be citizens and leaders of the future.

St. John's Country Day School Jacksonville Area Independent Elementary School
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