St. Johns Country Day School

Do Everything, Become Anything

The St. Johns version of “straight A’s” goes beyond the usual academics, athletics, and arts straight through to “anything.” We offer outstanding opportunities—make that outrageous opportunities for a school this size—and most important, everyone can and does take part. That means that students can do all the things that interest them and discover new interests, and talents, they didn’t know they had. And whether our soccer team is playing for the state championship again or the St. Johns Singers are performing at the White House, there’s plenty of opportunity to develop those talents to a high level and make a mark. Meanwhile, students are developing confidence, time management skills, and a solid and broad academic foundation that starts with language instruction in PK and continues to Upper School’s honors, AP, and elective options. Our students are safely and joyfully busy, and they become not only well-rounded individuals but also engaged and engaging people eager to get involved in all that life offers. Dedicated to providing opportunities to expand academic, athletic, artistic, and “anything” horizons, we aren’t just “A rated.” We’re “A plus.”

The Drive to Thrive

St. Johns sets the bar high, and our students are eager to sail over it. “They’re just so hungry to learn here,” as one teacher put it. While they soak up varied subjects at varied levels in our superior college-prep curriculum, students are also collaborating and making connections, thinking critically and speaking publicly—developing skills they’ll need for the long term, not just “the test.” Hard-working and goal-oriented, they take their motivation from the classroom and lab to the playing field, studio, and stage. Teachers, too, shatter our high expectations. They help students outside of class, encourage their talents, differentiate instruction to their learning styles, and know them as individuals. Together they create a culture of respect and support, where the drive to succeed is nurtured from within and community members strive not only to do their best, but to be their best.

Character Driven

At St. Johns, who students become is just as important—and remarkable—as what they become. Throughout all 15 grades, courtesy, sportsmanship, integrity, compassion, and acceptance are taught, modeled, and expected. In this positive culture, our students become polite and poised, down-to-earth and downright friendly, looking out for one another. Not only are all welcome. All are welcomed and encouraged to shine, through regular public speaking and the sharing of each person’s gifts. Students become self-assured with one another and with adults, with being leaders, and with advocating on their own behalf. With character and confidence, they go on to fulfilling futures as collegians and citizens of the world.

A Small School As Big As Life

St. Johns Country Day School is small but mighty. Together on one campus, we are three divisions and one tight-knit community. Because the faculty and administration come to know—and know deeply—each student, they can tailor teaching to the child and forge partnerships with parents. Students, too, come to know one another, making lifelong friendships with their peers while they learn from older students and mentor younger ones (especially through the charming tradition of senior–first grade buddies). They see firsthand what comes next, making transitions smooth. Because school and classes are small, students can’t hide and don’t get lost. In fact, thanks to our many activities, students have plentiful opportunities to take part, stand out, and lead. Yes, good things do come in and come from small schools. By discovering and distinguishing themselves in our intimate learning environment, our graduates are well prepared for college and life in the larger world.

The Best Investment

The best investment money can buy isn’t about money. It’s about the right environment for children to learn and discover themselves. At St. Johns Country Day School it’s about our good people and great education, which open doors for students and instill the character and confidence to walk through them. We accomplish this through an academic program whose challenges students are intent on meeting; teachers who understand their students and bring out their best; plentiful and accessible sports, arts, and other enriching activities that enable students to find and develop all their talents; a peaceful and safe campus with some amazing facilities; and a caring community where all are welcomed and respected. An investment in a St. Johns student is an exceptional value, and it is rewarded with interest and appreciation—theirs.

Fast Facts

Year Founded: 1953
Religious Affiliation: None
Headmaster: Todd Zehner
Location: Orange Park, Florida
Enrollment: 635 students
Dress Code: Menu Dress Uniform
Average Class Size:
French, Spanish, and Latin
AP Statistics: 94% passing rate
Endowment: $5.8 million

Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS)

Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC)

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)


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