Grandparents Day: A World of Music
Grandparents Day: A World of Music

Last Friday, more than 350 grandparents and "grand friends" joined St. Johns Lower School students for a fun-filled day of music, exciting, interactive classroom fun, photos, and, of course, books!

"We look forward to Grandparents Day each and every year," said Head of Lower School Mary Helen Cauthen. "The children love having their grandparents on campus and in the classrooms. It is lovely to see the smiles on the faces of both the grandchildren and the grandparents as they connect on this very special day."

The morning kicked off in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) with "A World of Music," a festive presentation of song, dance, and music from around the country and the globe. From the exciting "Rocking Frere Jacques" to the lively Mexican Hat Dance and a beautiful presentation of "A Song for Grandparents Day," grandparents and grand friendsalike were touched by the performances and that students were putting so much heart and soul into their presentation.

From the PAC, grandparents and grand friends went to the Brown Gymnasium, where a buffet brunch was enjoyed by all. After that, grandparents visited classrooms, had photos taken with their grandchildren, and capped off their morning with a visit to the very busy Book Fair.

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