St. Johns Country Day School

Mission & Philosophy

St. Johns Country Day School's mission is to provide a superior college preparatory program with a diverse curriculum that stresses academic accomplishment, artistic expression, and athletic participation in a supportive family atmosphere that fosters self-reliance and ethical responsibility.



St. Johns Country Day School provides a strong college preparatory program. It maintains high academic standards and offers a demanding curriculum intended to interest all students and challenge them to discover their own capabilities. Its aim is to develop young people who are independent, self-reliant individuals prepared for college and for life. Admission is based on developmental maturity, academic achievement, and aptitude regardless of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious creed.

Learning is enhanced by small classes, the interaction of students in Grades Pre-K through 12, and the utilization of the attractive campus environment. Recognizing individual learning styles, teachers employ a variety of instructional techniques.

Founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, the School seeks to develop in each student a sense of self-worth and respect for the values of a diverse school community. St. Johns Country Day School seeks to nurture in its students a continuing desire to learn and the skills necessary to pursue their goals.



St. Johns Country Day School has for its purpose the college preparatory education of students in the strict and demanding tradition of academic education and to aid them in recognition and acceptance of the divine pattern in their lives. To meet these objectives, the School:

  • sets as the goal of each student a questioning and inquiring mind prepared for the demands of college and the challenges of life;
  • fosters an appreciative but critical attitude towards knowledge;
  • guides each student to self-awareness through numerous and appropriate techniques;
  • encourages each student to participate in group activities, to respect the rights of others, and to realize obligations to both the individual and the group;
  • recognizes and encourages the spiritual development of its students;
  • offers appropriate physical activities to support the development of the whole individual;
  • seeks to develop aesthetic awareness through a variety of experiences in the fine arts area;
  • fosters a sensitivity to the needs of the environment and the community.

Policy on Religion

Policy on Religion

Recognizing that all people have spiritual needs, St. Johns Country Day School commits to fostering the spiritual growth and development of its students.

Hoping to enhance the religious understanding and spiritual journey of every student, St. Johns promotes high standards of character, honor, and ethics.

St. Johns was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and the school’s religious life orientation while non-denominational is consistent with the school’s heritage.

St. Johns welcomes people of all religions and desires to be a nurturing community where respect and understanding permeate all relationships.

St. Johns expects its students, faculty, and staff to respect all religions and people of all religions. The school does not tolerate the maligning of any person’s religion or the attempt to convince any person that his or her religious beliefs are not valid.

Believing that well-educated people in a global community must understand the world in which they live, St. Johns provides opportunities for students to learn the basic tenets of the world’s major religions.

The primary role of the classroom setting is educational, and teachers are expected to refrain from using the classroom as a forum for religious conversion or expressing their personal religious beliefs with the intent to demean any other religion or belief.

St. Johns faculty and students are expected to cooperate so that each person may observe the significant holy days of his or her faith. Students and their families must inform the school in advance of religious observances that conflict with class attendance, tests or examinations, or other school activities. The school will then attempt to accommodate the student’s religious observances.

St. Johns employs qualified faculty and staff regardless of their religion or creed. Faculty and staff should understand and be willing to abide by and support the St. Johns Country Day School Policy on Religion.

St. Johns admits qualified students regardless of their religion or creed. Entering students and their families should understand and be willing to abide by and support the St. Johns Country Day School Policy on Religion.

Approved by the Board March 2007