St. Johns Country Day School

Portrait of a St. Johns Graduate

St. John's Country Day School Graduates


St. Johns graduates have the drive to thrive. They meet the social and academic challenges of the 21st century at a level that sets them apart from their contemporaries. St. Johns sets the bar high, and students are eager to sail over it. While they soak up varied subjects at varied levels in a superior college-prep curriculum, students also collaborate and make connections, think critically and speak publicly—developing skills for the long term, not just “the test.”Hard-working and goal-oriented, they take their motivation from the classroom and lab to the playing field, studio, and stage. Inquisitive and independent, St. Johns students view challenges as opportunities and failures as learning experiences. They go on to fulfilling futures as collegians and citizens of the world.

Well-rounded, comfortable in diverse situations, and versatile in talent, St. Johns graduates can do everything and become anything. The St. Johns version of “straight A’s” goes beyond the usual academics, athletics, and arts straight through to “anything.” At St. Johns, students can do all the things that interest them and discover new interests and talents they didn’t know they had. Safely and joyfully busy, they learn to manage their time effectively in order to achieve their goals. They have become not only well-rounded individuals but also engaged and engaging people eager to participate in and make contributions to all that life offers.

St. Johns graduates are character driven. At St. Johns, who students become is just as remarkable as what they become. In a school setting where courtesy, sportsmanship, integrity, compassion, and acceptance are taught, modeled, and expected, students become polite and poised, down-to-earth and downright friendly, looking out for one another. Self-assured with one another and with adults, with being leaders, and with advocating on their own behalf, they follow through, even in the face of challenges, and do not give up on themselves or others. St. Johns graduates are confident individuals who are self-reliant enough to greet the future as self-assured, poised young adults.

St. Johns graduates recognize the value of their investment. The best investment money can buy isn’t about money. At St. Johns Country Day School it’s about good people and a great education opening doors for students and instilling the character and confidence to walk through them. Having benefited from a challenging academic program, plentiful and accessible sports, arts, STEAM Programs, and other enriching activities, the encouragement to find and develop all their talents, a peaceful and safe campus, and a caring community, St. Johns graduates appreciate the reward of their St. Johns education. And they reinvest it in their future.