Welcome to St. Johns

Established in 1953, St. Johns Country Day School is one of the best independent schools in the Jacksonville area, serving about 500 students from across the First Coast. With a holistic mission that incorporates rigorous academics with robust arts and athletics programs, character development, and deep technology integration, St. Johns boasts a future-facing curriculum that prepares students not just for college, but for life.

Message from the Head of School

While the mission of St. Johns Country Day School remains very much the same as when our School was founded in 1953, education and the School itself are changing rapidly. We know that graduates of tomorrow need a whole host of skills and experiences that didn't exist nearly seventy years ago.  That's why St. Johns is redefining the college preparatory experience, helping students cultivate the skills they need to be prepared for the colleges of today and the 21st century workforce beyond.  

St. Johns' goal is to develop students who seek solutions, accept responsibility, and create collaboration.  So what does that mean?

Seek Solutions

A St. Johns student is one who actively seeks out answers and solutions to problems, both in and out of the classroom. Not content to sit and be passively spoon-fed information, a St. Johns student seeks active engagement with the content, collaborators, their own education, and their future.  

Accept Responsibility

A St. Johns student accepts responsibility not just for the work at hand but also for their role in school, in their communities, and as a global citizen.  

Create Collaboration

A St. Johns student knows that some solutions require a collaborative approach.  They are readily able to identify the various skills and perspectives a particular problem requires and they don't hesitate to pull together the right group of collaborators to get to work on it, comfortable working with groups and understanding their role within the group.  

College Prep, Redefined

At St. Johns, we put all of these key differentiators into action every day, at every level.  In our Lower School, students build a firm background in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills they need to succeed at the next level while also immersing themselves in the arts--an important component of education in their own right.  By Middle School, building on this solid foundation, our students are encouraged to go beyond the curriculum and explore new possibilities through our Middle School electives including Model UN, where students learn what it means to be a true global citizen while gaining skills in critical thinking, analysis, and debate.  By the time they're in Upper School, St. Johns students are diving deep into areas of interest via our unique Fellowships program, working independently in our 3D Technology & Innovation lab, and creating diverse, award-winning portfolios in art.  They are champions both on and off the soccer field, winning speech competitions and demonstrating a deep understanding of both our liberal arts curriculum and the world around them.  

Visit Us

I hope you enjoy learning more about our School today, and, more importantly, I hope you will come to our beautiful campus for a personal tour to learn more about what a St. Johns education can do for you child.  

I look forward to meeting you!

All the best,
Valorie Baker, Head of School


Valorie Baker, MEd
Head of School