Academic Achievement Center

New in the fall of 2018, St. Johns' Academic Achievement Center (AAC) is a resource for parents, students, and teachers with a goal of empowering students to access resources and strategies that will assist them in achieving their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Academic Achievement Center services include: 

  • Providing study and testing spaces for all students
  • Small group and individualized instructional support in the areas of math and literacy
  • Organizational, time management and test taking tips
  • Classroom observations and informal assessments 
  • Developmental and diagnostic testing 
  • Coordination of reasonable accommodations for students with identified learning differences
  • Identifying and assigning National Honor Society student tutors to aid student success
  • Connecting families to external services (speech and language, occupational therapy, tutors) as needed
  • Providing enrichment opportunities in collaboration with teachers and students
  • Offering a variety of technology resources to support best practices and student learning
  • Parent education


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