The Academy

The transition to Middle School can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

The St. Johns Grade 4 & 5 Academy is an innovative, one-of-a-kind program found nowhere else on the First Coast. The Academy helps our soon-to-be Middle School students prepare for what’s ahead as they transition from Lower School.

As students approach the Middle School milestone, we enable them to take on more responsibility, broaden their academic and school experiences, and rise to the new challenges that Middle School life can bring. Students are empowered to make skillful and purposeful choices within a safe space with an appropriate safety net.

What does that mean for students?

  • Increased literacy blocks (English, literature, vocabulary, phonics, grammar, writing)
  • Interdisciplinary lessons and thematic studies
  • Opportunities for participation with Middle School students and faculty
  • Comprehensive science program with labs
  • Social studies including human behavior, relationships and resources
  • Students experience multiple teachers for different subjects

The Academy’s Education Team:

  • Jennifer Keller, Social Studies Teacher

  • Amanda Powers, Science Teacher

  • Nicole Thompson, English Teacher

  • Cathy Braude, Math Teacher

  • Amy Lerche, Math Teacher

Questions about The Academy? Contact Head of Lower School Otis Wirth.





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