Student Life

Get Involved, Have Fun!

At St. Johns, students participate in, lead, and even create school clubs and activities based on their unique interests and talents. Our ever-changing list of clubs and activities offers students many opportunities to explore their passions and discover new ones, and to connect and have fun with peers and faculty who share similar interests.











Spartans say...


"PROUD to say I go to St. Johns"

"Grateful teachers are proactive in checking in on students"

         "Feel SAFE"

"Small, tight knit"

                  "Everybody knows Everybody"


"1:1 time with teachers"

      "St. Johns will help me achieve my future goals"


        "Believe in kindness"


    "No bullying" 

 "Challenging classes but they prepare you"


"Feels like preparing for college"

             "More than just going to high school"


"They put you where you are strongest"


"Like flag raising each morning and how everyone comes together"

Photo:  Semaj Williams '23

Photo:  Jules Raimondi '24



Ian Gibson

Ian Gibson

Titles: Director of Student Life; Admissions Associate, Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach