Student Support Services

St. Johns is built upon a foundation of helping students reach their full potential in a supportive yet rigorous learning environment. Our commitment to helping every student succeed is further strengthened by our cutting edge Student Support Services team. Led by dedicated and experienced learning specialists and guidance counselors, the support team recognizes the needs of the whole child by offering social-emotional support as well as academic enrichment and remediation. The welcoming atmosphere of the Academic Achievement Center and Guidance Department offers the following services:

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center:

  • Offers study and testing space for all students
  • Provides organizational, time management, and study skills support
  • Facilitates small group and individualized math and literacy instruction for students in Grades K-8
  • Conducts ongoing Developmental Reading Assessments, classroom observations, and informal assessments for students in Grades K-8
  • Coordinates National Honor Society and peer tutors to aid student success
  • Provides enrichment opportunities in collaboration with teachers and students
  • Offers a variety of technology resources to support best practices and student learning
  • Provides ongoing support to parents
  • Offers parent education workshops
  • Monitors and reports student progress
  • Assists the Office of Admissions with Gesell and Brigance screenings

Guidance Services

The Guidance Department:

  • Provides social-emotional support through individual and group counseling
  • Offers weekly guidance groups to target specific needs of students,, e.g. groups for stress reduction, intense emotions, blended families, building social skills, etc.
  • Implements the school-wide Character Foundations program to promote citizenship among students
  • Supports and plans Character Foundations program through weekly lessons
  • Plans age-appropriate assemblies and guest speakers for all divisions to augment the Character Foundations lessons
  • Oversees student advisory program in Middle and Upper Schools
  • Coordinates annual CTP-5 standardized testing for Grades 1 through 8
  • Facilitates testing accommodations
  • Interprets and distributes testing data for grade-level teams and parents
  • Oversees and organizes Foundations of Middle School (Wheel)
  • Teaches a personal development class for all Middle School students
  • Coordinates reasonable classroom accommodations for students with identified learning differences
  • Connects families to external services (speech and language, occupational therapy, psychoeducational testing, tutors) as needed
  • Provides parent education
  • Conducts classroom observations and informal assessments
  • Assists the Office of Admissions with developmental testing

Student Support Team:

Ann Korahais
Director of Guidance Services
Middle & Upper School Guidance Counselor
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Diane Landers
Lower School Guidance Counselor
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Lisa Rosenau
Academic Achievement Center Director
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