St. Johns Country Day School

iPad Program

Top Jacksonville Area Middle School - Ipad Program

St. Johns Country Day School is a 1-to-1 iPad school, requiring all students in grades 6-12 to have a personal iPad. Students in grades 5 and under are supplied with a school owned iPad. Students bring their iPad to school each day. Teachers are trained to provide innovative lessons and engaging activities to provide modern, research based learning not possible in a non-iPad classroom.

The iPad is a very powerful tool for learning, and at St. Johns it serves to enhance the best educational practices that are already in place. As a learning tool the iPad provides a common platform that focuses on both digital presentation of knowledge and as a creation tool allowing students to learn by doing.

The iPad is a common tool for all students that contains their textbook, access to assignments, Internet connection, and interface for advance technology including digital whiteboards and probeware.

Parents should follow the links below to assist in getting their child’s iPad ready for the school year.