St. Johns Country Day School

Loading Apps & eBooks

All grades in the 1-to-1 program in which the student has their own personal iPad will be assessed a Classroom and Resources Fee. This will cover all Apps and eBooks needed by the student. Each student will get an email sent to their school email account. This will include instructions for enrolling the students iPad into the school’s iPad program. Once enrolled, iTunes apps and books will automatically be loaded onto the iPad. In the event that a student needs to replace their iPad, they need to bring the iPad back to the Technology Department to get access to books and apps.

Some books are not available on iTunes. These books are either a pdf, an app, or a website that requires an activation code. Students will have these provided by their teacher during the first few weeks of class. These are also covered by the Classroom and Resource Fee. In the event that a student must replace their iPad, they will need to enter these codes again. It is the STUDENTS responsibility to hold on to any textbook codes in the event they must get a new iPad.

Personal iBooks & Apps

Any resources that would require a purchase will be paid for by the school and loaded automatically onto a students iPad. Parents are strongly encouraged to talk to their children about the responsibility of having an account that automatically charges when purchases are made. If a parent wishes the student to have access to personal Apps, please set up Family Share.

Please note that the school does not have the ability to control what students put onto their iPad or view on the Internet, particularly when they are not logged into the school network. Parents should monitor what is being downloaded by the child onto the iPad. Students should only use school provided apps and iBooks and visit websites as directed by the teacher while in class. Disciplinary actions could result when students are not using the iPad in an acceptable way during class time.

Care and Maintenance