St. Johns Country Day School

Purchasing Your iPad

iPad Purchasing Specifics

Please note: the required specs below are for students entering the school or purchasing a new iPad. Students with an iPad from last year do not need to upgrade.

Students in grades 6 - 12 will need to have their own iPad at school each day. You will need to schedule an appointment with the technology department and bring in the iPad completely unopened to have it set up for school use.

  • A new iPad Pro 10.5-inch with 256 GB of storage or the the new iPad with 128 GB of storage*.
  • A high-end case without a keyboard attached.
  • A Bluetooth keyboard not attached to the case.
  • A pair of earphones with built-in microphone, wired or wireless.
  • Do not set up the iPad once your purchase it. It must be set up with the assistance of the SJCDS Technology Department.
  • Please note that new students to the school must have a newly purchased iPad.

*Students in grade 5 will be supplied a school iPad. The parents will be responsible for any damage sustained to the iPad. If a school owned iPad is broken, return it to the Technology Department to get a replacement. Do not attempt to get the iPad repaired.

Please note that less than 128GB of space is not suitable in an educational setting. With the textbook and video requirements, your child's iPad must have at least 128GB of space.

Students are required to have earphones, a case, and a keyboard. The keyboard should not be connected to the case. For maximum protection, we recommend Lifeproof, Griffin, Zagg, or Otterbox brands. We recommend a quality keyboard that is comfortable to use.

Setting Up Your iPad