This week, we’re looking at an amazing Upper School program, our Fellowships. Open to any Upper School (Grades 9-12) student, Fellowships are an exciting opportunity for students to explore opportunities specific to their areas of interest. Fellowship programs allow students to pursue their passion for a particular topic and explore deeply into targeted areas. 

For each Fellowship, dedicated mentors help St. Johns Fellows access distinctive learning opportunities, envision research-based projects, and pursue off-campus networking, internship, or service opportunities. Diverse online study opportunities enhance the experience, acclimate students to the increasingly common online learning environment, and give the access to unique course offerings related to the Fellowship program. Becoming Fellows allows students to become more nimble architects of their own academic lives. 

Embarking on this customized course of study, involving both academic and practical experience, provides St. Johns Fellowship students with valuable distinction in the increasingly competitive collegiate and career worlds, as well as in-depth knowledge to help guide their future studies and pursuits. 

In 2021, available Fellowships include Arts & Humanities Community Engagement, Computer Science, Conservation, Health Sciences, International Studies, Journalism, U.S. Government & Politics, and Visual Arts. 

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Welcome to Snapshots, where each week we take a quick look at a unique aspect of the St. Johns Experience. Yesterday, our Seniors and their first grade buddies went on their annual trip to the Jacksonville Zoo together, so naturally we’re thinking about our Senior-Grade 1 Buddy program.
     Each year, St. Johns' first graders are paired with one or more Senior Buddies. The buddies are matched and have a meet & greet at the beginning of the School year, and then they start hanging out. They stand together at flag raising each morning, have regular lunches together, play on the playground, have joint holiday parties, celebrate the senior’s college acceptances, go to the zoo together, and much more.
     The Senior-Grade 1 Buddy program is one of our alums’ most treasured memories of St. Johns. The buddies get together outside of school, with first graders showing up at club soccer matches, and they often stay in touch for years to come. In recent years our students have gone to watch the former senior buddy play volleyball in college and attended their senior's Naval Academy graduation. The seniors come back to surprise their former first graders at lunch or to join them in celebrating their own St. Johns graduation.
     It's all part of a calendar of fun and togetherness that gives our youngest Spartans role models to look up to, and shows our seniors what it's like to be that "admired" person. Being a role model to a special Spartan buddy gives seniors a sense of responsibility before they go off to college to be responsible for themselves. Even during the final weeks of the school year when seniors are required to be on campus only for classes, many choose to arrive for 8:00 flag raising just to be with their buddies.
    We are excited for your child to be a part of this very special tradition, either as a first grader or as a senior (or both!). We know it will mean as much to you as it does to us every day. Come take a personal tour and let us show you what the St. Johns Experience is all about. Reserve your spot today right here.


     Welcome to Snapshots, where each week we take a quick look at a unique aspect of St. Johns Country Day School and the St. Johns Experience. This week, we’re talking about our daily flag raising ceremony and morning announcements.
     At St. Johns, we think community is very important and we’re always looking for ways to connect our students, not just within their grades, but across grades, too. One way we build a sense of community is through our daily flag raising and morning announcements, when the whole school comes together each day to applaud achievements, congratulate victories, and hear announcements. During non-COVID years, we love having many parents and grandparents join us as well. While it’s been a little different this year, for many of us it remains a favorite part of the day—a daily celebration of why it’s great to be a Spartan. 
     Whether it’s a second grader making an announcement about Women’s History Month, or details of last night’s baseball win, flag raising is a time for us to come together as a school community and cheer each other’s accomplishments. We cherish that, and we think you will, too. Come experience it for yourself— Make a reservation today for your personal campus tour. Reserve your spot today or email We look forward to seeing you soon!

Welcome to Snapshots, where each week we take a quick look at a unique aspect of the St. Johns Experience.
     Over the past several months we’ve been celebrating our seniors’ college acceptances, announcing them on Fridays at flag raising and celebrating each senior for their accomplishments. Earlier this month, we announced our seniors’ acceptances to both Florida State University and the University of Florida and were proud not only of each acceptance, but also that the percentage of our applicants who were accepted at each school was well above published acceptance rates. Nearly 80% of St. Johns’ students who applied to FSU were accepted, and at the University of Florida, our acceptance rate was over 70% (compared to a published acceptance rate of about 36%).
     Starting in Middle School, St. Johns’ College Counseling Office works with each student and their family to help map their own personal course to college success. Using innovative technology to get to know your child, we work to help guide their Middle and Upper School experience and, ultimately, to find the school that’s the right fit for each student and their hopes and dreams. 
     It’s all part of the St. Johns Experience-- the difference that makes St. Johns—and the St. Johns education—so amazing. And this effort bears fruit. Over the past few years, St. Johns seniors have been accepted to some of the top schools across the country and around the globe, from Brown, Penn, and Princeton to Canada, Ireland, and Italy. This year’s class is attending college everywhere from California to upstate New York and everywhere in between.
     We know all students are not the same, and our experienced college counselors help each student find the just-right fit that’s best for them. Come learn more about it— Make a reservation today for your personal campus tour. Reserve your spot today at, or email
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Welcome to Snapshots, where each week we take a quick look at a unique aspect of the St. Johns Experience. This week, we're talking about our senior athletes who go on to play sports in college and beyond.
     Last week, the 14th member of the Class of 2021 signed a National Letter of Intent to play a sport in college, and over the past few years seniors have gone on to play softball at Florida State University, baseball at Flagler College, soccer at Princeton, and many, many more.
     These are student-athletes who have devoted themselves not just to their studies, but to their sport as well, putting in long hours of practice in the gym or on the field, always working, continually improving. We love that at St. Johns, a student can become anything they want to be. From the art studios to the stage, the classroom to the ball field, the St. Johns Experience allows students to pursue their passions and become champions both on and off the field.
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