St. Johns Country Day School

We want each student and family to feel that St. Johns is the “right match."

Welcome to St. Johns!

At St. Johns, we know the process of applying to a private school can be daunting because you’re focused of finding the best fit for your child. The admission process at St. Johns is all about finding the right fit. You need to feel that St. Johns is the right school for you, and we want to feel that you will do well while you’re here. To help all of us make the determination, we have designed an admission process that is informative, comprehensive, and, we hope, hassle-free.

Like all learning, getting to know St. Johns starts with information gathering, and this website has lots of information. You can learn what goes into our superior college-prep liberal arts curriculum at each level, including Lower, Middle and Upper school requirements, You can find out about our outsized opportunities for students throughout Northeast Florida including Orange Park and Jacksonville and more to get involved in academics, athletics, the arts... and much more. You can also learn about our amazing campus, facilities, and location with our virtual campus tour. We are located just nine minutes from I-295 and easily accessible by car or by our flexible bus service.

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