St. Johns Country Day School

Athletic Hall of Fame

Since its inception, St. Johns has always held as one of its highest ideals the principal of mens sans in corpora sano. The Latin would please Dr. Heinrich no less than the ideal itself: that for a person to function best, both mind and body ought to be cultivated, engaged, and taught.

Dr. Heinrich believed in sport, which was a staple of the German system in which he grew up. He even wrote and published a book on German-style school gymnastics. The tradition he began has never wavered. Since his time St. Johns has conceived its graduates as well-rounded men and women, comfortable in scholarship, ideas, and the arts, and also in athletics. They are together the building blocks of good character, the final aim of our school, and the key to an effective life.

Those who excel in these three “A" realms set the standard, and inspire us. They enable us to see good, to know what it looks like, occasionally to astonish us with it. The excellence they achieve prods us to aspire to it ourselves.

Among those who have led the way in athletics, are a very few who have been the masters, the finest among many fine athletes and coaches.

The St. Johns Athletic Hall of Fame was founded to honor them, but not simply as flattery or adulation. Its purpose is higher. It is to remind today’s and tomorrow’s students that their accomplishments are for all time, and not just their own time, to allow them to envision their own qualify. Even though an archer knows he may not hit the bullseye, he will come close to it only by aiming at it. Even when we do not quite reach the pinnacle, we are better for having gone for it.

St. Johns is 60 years old and it will be here for a long time. Generations from today St. Johns will still be providing its blessings to future generations, perhaps including your children and grandchildren, and their grandchildren. This ceremony will tell them that St. Johns has a proud athletic tradition, that athletics hold an important place of our conception of education, and that those who came before are summoning them to do their best.


Jim Leaño '89
Haley Morgan '97


Coach Alan Kissell
McCarthy Crenshaw '94
1979-1981 Boys Soccer Teams


Joseph “JoJo” Cambron
Rory Eggers ‘87
Alisa Castelli Quinn ‘92


John W. McClow ‘69
Daniel R. McCarthy ‘81
John L. Fitzpatrick ‘90
Laura Fisher Proffitt ‘92
Eric B. Bassingthwaighte ‘96


Eddie Stewart '82
Annie Palmer Fish '99
2001 Girls Volleyball Team


Josh McCumber ‘94
Jennifer Baugh Douglass ‘88
Beth Scanlon ‘88
1986 Girls Volleyball Team
1986-87 Girls Basketball Team


Michael Murray ‘89
John Abbott ‘70
Garry Adams ‘70
Jimmy Lanier ‘70
Joe Mathews ‘69
Joe “JoRo” Roschuni ‘69
Coach R. C. “Nick” Nichols


Dr. Harold J. Murray, Jr. ‘59
Michael L. Pickett ‘83
Todd A. Zehner ‘87
Traci Peacock Livingston ‘90
Dr. Mark A. Clayman ‘93
Allison McClow Vogt ‘96
Coach Linda Guswiler