Lower School Students Learn about Humility
Lower School Students Learn about Humility

As a part of their ongoing character education program, in April Lower School students learned about humility, which the program defines as putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

"Humility can be a difficult character trait for all of us to master," said Lower School Guidance Counselor Diane Landers. "This is particularly true for children. It is one thing to learning the definition of humility, but to have these young children putting others first in their lives is truly impressive!

One student in each Lower School classroom was selected by each homeroom teacher as exemplifying humility, and these students were recognized at flag raising last week. Each recognized student received a certificate, gift card from program sponsor Chik Fil A, lunch with Mrs. Cauthen and Ms. Landers, and an ice cream treat. Congratulations, students!

The complete list of students awarded for Humility follows.

St. Johns Country Day School Character Kids of the Month

April 2017 – Humility

Grade 1:

Mrs. Rosenau's class: Esmee Jeannin

Mrs. Bruer's class: Rebecca Robiou and Ben Call

Grade 2:

Miss Comer's class: Alaia Jeannin

Mrs. Little's class: Liam McNulty

Grade 3:

Mrs. Heller's class: Keelia Gaffey

Mrs. Powers' class: Keaton Keiter

Grade 4:

Mrs. Keller's class: Fritz Arendt and Alexis McGuire

Mrs. Willingham's class: Grayson Moody

Ms. Newton's class: Bobby Burnside and Luke Peterson

Grade 5:

Mrs. Braude's class: Gigi Sessions

Mrs. Franzoni's class: Sophia Milian

Mr. Newsom's class: Jonas Kummings