May Character Awards
May Character Awards

The Lower School Character Education Program works to help develop a positive school climate and better, well-rounded students. This year, the program has walked students through a different character trait for each month, starting in August. Lessons, assemblies, activities, and many classroom discussions have accompanied the focus on each trait.

"When I think of the countless times I heard our young children talking about one of our character traits, or better yet, demonstrating them in the classroom or on the playground, I fill with pride knowing that they are on the pathway to becoming distinguished persons of character," says Lower School Guidance Counselor Diane Landers. "The character traits our students learned were not just words to be recited, but values that were integrated into their daily lives. It is an honor and privilege to work at such a wonderful school that is committed to fostering ethical responsibility as part of its mission."

In May, Lower School Spartans have been learning about determination, which the program defines as "deciding it's worth it to finish what you started." One student in each Lower School classroom was selected by each homeroom teacher as exemplifying determination, and these students were recognized at flag raising last week. Each recognized student received a certificate, gift card from program sponsor Chik Fil A, lunch with Mrs. Cauthen and Ms. Landers, and an ice cream treat.

Congratulations, students!

Grade 1:

Mrs. Rosenau's Class: Thomas Donovan and Bishop Safreed

Mrs. Bruer's Class: Riley Lincoln

Grade 2:

Miss Comer's Class: Nate Kipnis

Mrs. Little's Class: Anna Croft

Grade 3:

Mrs. Heller's Class: Aanya Patel

Mrs. Powers' Class: Sarah Mejias

Grade 4:

Mrs. Keller's Class: Lydia Trahan

Mrs. Willingham's Class: Nylah Lauderdale and Nadia Al-Awady

Ms. Newton's Class: Parth Patel

Grade 5:

Mrs. Braude's Class: Tanner LaClair

Mrs. Franzoni's Class: Ava Morin

Mr. Newsom's Class: Colin Albright