Grade 5 Experiences the Golden Isles

Last week, Grade 5 students had an amazing two-night experience at Driftwood Education Center on St.
Simons Island, Georgia. Surrounded by miles of salt marsh and acres of maritime forest, Driftwood
offers students the opportunity to study these ecosystems while emphasizing conservation.

Activities included:

  • Gator Tales: Learning about and handling reptiles and amphibians.  
  • Buddy Squad: Working together with classmates to complete a challenge.
  • Merely Plankton: Retrieving water samples and examining them under microscopes to observe and identify phyto/zoo plankton while learning about their importance.
  • Transit Trawl: boat excursion on the Frederica River to find, identify, and touch various forms of marine life.
  • Comparative Dissection of two types of fish to identify key similarities and differences.

While the trip was certainly a wonderful educational opportunity, students were also able to build better friendships with one another and, for some, spend their first night away from home!

You can view and download photos from the trip here:

Thank you so much to the parent chaperones who shared their photos with us so that we can share them with you! To download photos, click on the "i" in the lower right corner of the above viewer. Then click the icon of the box with the arrow to open the gallery in a Media Gallery window. From there, just use the "Download" button at the bottom of the window to download and save any photos you would like to keep. Enjoy!