Classics Students Compete at Latin Forum

Thirty St. Johns Middle and Upper School students competed this past weekend at the Region 3 Latin Forum. Nine schools and approximately 450 students participated in classically-inspired academic, athletic, and artistic competitions. St. Johns emerged victorious with 17 awards including taking bronze in Level 2 Certamen (Mary Beth Garrison '22, Julia Nichols '21, Lilly Peterson '20, and Amelia Dyer '21). Emma Schultz's ('23) mosaic also took 1st prize and received a perfect score from a panel of Jacksonville University art professors. Mary Beth Garrison was also elected to Regional office as Scriba Primus for the 2019-20 school year. The Latin students of St. Johns look forward to further success at the State Forum in April! 

More Results: 

Isabelle Amacker '19: 5th in Advanced Reading Comprehension 

Sofia Conde '24: 5th in Derivatives, 3rd in the Dolichos Run, 1st in the Olympic Relay 

Emily Serrano '20: 5th in Phrases and Mottoes, 5th in Greek Derivatives

Belle Whiting '23: 4th in Derivatives 

Amelia Dyer '21: 5th in Heptathlon

Victoria Hayes '20: 1st in Drawing 

Emma Schultz '23: 1st in Mosiacs

Ava Johnson '23: 1st in the 200 Stade

Semaj Williams '23: 4th in the 200 Stade

Riley Phillips '23: 5th in the 200 Stade, 4th in the Dolichos Run 

Ella Wilkes '23: 1st in the Shotput 

Joseph Shimko '20: 1st in the Hoplitodromos Race 

Jack Mooneyham '23: - 3rd in the Discus 

Tripp Vogt '23: 4th in the Discus 

Richard Nichols '24: 1st in the Olympic Relay 

Mary Beth Garrison '22: 3rd in Shotput

Back row L-R: Joseph Shimko '20, Mr. Harrison Sepulveda, Mary Beth Garrison '22, Victoria Hayes '20, Lilly Peterson '20, Julia Nichols '21.
Front row L-R: Belle Whiting '23, Ava Johnson '23, Ella Wilkes '23, Sofia Conde '24, Richard Nichols '24, and Emily Serrano '20.