Flag Corps Students "Graduate"

Raising and lowering the flag in the Roddey R. Fisher Quad is a much-loved tradition that goes back to St. Johns’ earliest days. Upon moving to the new campus on Doctors Lake Drive in 1957, school activities became naturally more outdoor focused as the new campus offered room to roam and grow. Flag raising became a daily tradition at this time, and students gathered around the quad each morning for the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements.

Today, St. Johns Middle School students raise and lower the flag daily in what is known as “Flag Corps.” Led by Middle School Dean Mr. Pat Rodifer, Grade 7 student leaders start off each year continuing what they learned the previous year.

"When I meet with the students,” says Rodifer, “I stress the importance of flag procedures, and discuss the tradition and honor in being the grade that takes on this important responsibility.”

After the first week, Grade 7 begins to train all of Grade 6. Pairs of Grade 6 students are selected and trained on unfolding/folding procedures, raising and lowering, and the dos and don’ts of flag raising. The Flag Corps works with Grade 6 students homeroom by homeroom, teaching everyone in turn.

“It’s great to see the kids take complete ownership of this,” says Rodifer. “I just get them started.”

When each Grade 6 homeroom has completed its training, they receive a flag pin indicating their accomplishment. Grade 6 homerooms received their Flag Corps pins this week. Congratulations, Grade 6!

Mrs. Foster's Grade 6 homeroom after receiving their flag pins this week.