St. Johns Named Best K-12 Private School

St. Johns Country Day School is proud to announce that it has been named #2 among Best Private K-12 Schools in the Jacksonville Area by, one of the premier private school search and rankings sites.

"We've always known that St. Johns offers a fantastic educational experience for our families," said Acting Head of School Mary Virginia Fisher, "and it's no surprise that the broader community is becoming aware as well." 

With its mix of top-notch academics, 100% college acceptance rate to some of the nation's best schools, vibrant arts programs, and championship athletics, St. Johns is one of the top schools in the Jacksonville area for a reason. "One of the best things about St. Johns," says Fisher, "is that we are able to offer all that we do while still enjoying a family atmosphere where every student can do and be whatever they set their minds to. St. Johns is truly a place where academics, the arts, and athletics all thrive in a secure social culture where no student need worry about 'fitting in.'"