Upper School Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud is a national poetry recitation contest that encourages the study of poetry and helps students develop public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history. This year’s competition began in St. Johns’ English classrooms, where students competed class by class with winners advancing to the school competition in early February. These students included:

    Ally Desguin '23 Christian Sabbagh ‘20
  Mary Beth Garrison ‘22 Jordan Sabo ‘20
  Shannon Hodges ‘23 Josh Soffler ‘20
  Ava Johnson ‘23 Emma Stasiak ‘22
  Jona Kats ‘21 Claire Trammell ‘20
  Ben McCormick ‘23 Nasua Williams ‘20
  Abby Mencner ‘22 Serenity Williams ‘22

Each contestant memorized and presented two poems, with selections ranging from Emily Dickinson to contemporary Irish poet Roisan Kelly. Judges rated each presentation for physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and overall performance, narrowing the competitors to ten, who made a third presentation. The judges then announced the runner up, Mary Beth Garrison, and named the winner, Claire Trammell, who advances to the State competition at the University of South Florida later in the spring.

Claire Trammel '20 and Mary Beth Garrison '22

Claire Trammell '20 and Mary Beth Garrison '22