Performing Arts Senior Spotlight: Joseph Shimko III

Today's Performing Arts Senior Spotlight shines on Joseph Shimko III. 

Name: Joseph Shimko III

What has being in band, dance, Singers, or theater meant to you?
Arts, specifically vocals has been on my course schedule since Pre-K 4. Music and singing continues provide the stimulus physically and mentally I need to keep my life in balance. Confidence, self awareness and drive to succeed in all I do can be directly related to singing. Music has been and will always be an important contributor to my growth as man but most importantly as a human.

How long have you been in the arts?
I have participated in singing since Pre-K 4. From the basics I continued through middle school (6th-8th grade), on to “Singers” an advanced group within our Upper school (9th-12th grades).

What have you learned through your involvement/ how has this helped you prepare for college/life?
The preparation music has provided me throughout my life is invaluable. Working as a team in ensembles to harmonize while keeping time. Patience while working with others  that may not take music as seriously as I. Confidence, in all that I do throughout my days came from the Solos and countless ensembles whether practice or performance assessments. The growth of how I take the feedback to improve in all aspects of life lead me to where I am today.

What are some fond memories and experiences you have had in your arts discipline?
 I’ve had some of the greatest memories in my life because I chose to sing. I have so many fond memories like traveling to New York and to name an exciting and honorable moment was auditioning and being selected to perform at the White House.

What college/university will you attend and what will your major be?
I will be attending Berry College and will be majoring in animal science with plans to earn an environmental law degree while minoring in music.

What are your favorite TV programs, movies, books?
My favorite movie is “The Longest Yard”, my favorite tv show is “Survivor”, and my favorite book is “The Last Lecture”.

What benefits have you received by attending St. Johns?
I have received so many great benefits while attending St. John’s from one on one instruction to being a member of Football and Crew teams. The benefits and opportunities provided through clubs to serve in our community through Interact and to be apart of cricket club. Cricket gave me the opportunity to travel to England and Scotland.

Would you encourage underclassmen to become involved in your performing arts activity? Why?   
I encourage people to join singers because it’s a great talent to have. I know people don’t like waking up so early for the class but it’s a great way to start the morning and gets you ready for the rest of the day. Singing is an amazing class. I encourage you to try it out, because I think you will really like it.

In what other activities have you been involved?
I have been involved in Varsity Football, Crew, Latin Club, Cricket Club, and Interact Club.



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