Senior Athlete Spotlight: Kylie Rodriguez

St. Johns is thrilled to continue highlighting our spring season athletes. Today's spotlight shines on thrower Kylie Rodriguez.

Name: Kylie Veronica Rodriguez

Spring Sport: Throwing

Which college will you be attending? University of Central Florida

What does your sport mean to you? It keeps me focused. It’s an outlet for me, something I can use my emotions for.

What does your team mean to you? They’re friends. Fun to hang out with.

What has St. Johns meant to you? It helped me get into college.

Dream Job: Forensic Pathologist

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Biggest Pet Peeve: People not listening to me

Favorite Movie: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Favorite TV show: On My Block

One skill you wish you had: The ability to play bass guitar.




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