Performing Arts Senior Spotlight: Jackson Powers

Today's Performing Arts Senior Spotlight shines on Jackson Powers. 

Name: Jackson Powers

What has being in band, dance, Singers, or theater meant to you?

Being in band has created so many great relationships and has given me many opportunities to try new things that I thought I would never do.

How long have you been in the arts?

I have been in band since the fourth grade.

What have you learned through your involvement/ how has this helped you prepare for college/life?

Band has taught me many life lessons, like perseverance and not giving up when something may be a bit hard. It's also taught me that trying new things, although difficult at first, can be not only fun but rewarding, and that each and every individual in a team matters to achieve the long term goal.

What are some fond memories and experiences you have had in your arts discipline?

Some fond memories that I have had while in band are the countless rehearsals we have had and the many bus rides to either MPA, Universal, or the end of the year trips.

What college/university will you attend and what will your major be?

I will be attending Clemson University and will be majoring in General Engineering.

What are your favorite TV programs, movies, books?

My favorite TV show, movie, and books are The Office, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Magic Tree House.

What benefits have you received by attending St. Johns?

St. Johns has provided an incredible education as well as countless opportunities that have allowed me to excel. It is like family to me. 

Would you encourage underclassmen to become involved in your performing arts activity? Why?   

I would definitely encourage underclassmen to become involved in the Performing Arts. It will not only give them the opportunity to try something new but also give them long lasting friendships.  

In what other activities have you been involved?

I play Varsity Soccer, Golf and have also played on the baseball and tennis teams.  I am involved in Cricket. I am a member of the National Honor Society and volunteer with Special Olympics Florida. 



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