Senior Athlete Spotlight: Kendall Sage

Kendall Sage

Today's Senior Athlete Spotlight shines on Kendall Sage! 

Name: Kendall Alexandra Sage

Spring Sport: Track and Field

Which college will you be attending? Texas Christian University

What does your sport mean to you? Track and Field was a great way for me to grow as an individual, athlete, and leader. This sport means so much to me because it has given me the opportunity to compete in many different environments. I will always love the competitive nature of the sport and the many lessons it has taught me the past six years. 

What does your team mean to you? My team means so much to me. We are a great community that cheers each other on for our successes and accomplishments but is always there when things don't go as planned. 

What has St. Johns meant to you? St. Johns has given me an incredible opportunity to participate in Varsity Track and Field since 6th grade. SJCDS has prepared me to rise to the occasion, perform at my best, and to lead. St. Johns has given me many mentors that I will have for a lifetime which I am very thankful for. 

Dream Job: I have no idea. 

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Biggest Pet Peeve: Chewing with your mouth open 

Favorite Movie: Any of the Fast and Furious Movies

Favorite TV Show: All American

One skill you wish you had: Flexibility



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