Senior Athlete Spotlight: Sahaj Patel

St. Johns is thrilled to continue highlighting our spring season senior athletes. This week's spotlight shines on tennis player Sahaj Patel!

Name: Sahaj Rahul Patel

Spring Sport: Tennis

Which college will you be attending? University of Florida

What does your sport mean to you? I’ve played tennis at SJ since the 6th grade. I’ve had many great wins and many tough losses, but there was always something to learn from the experiences. I’ve had moments where I would just hit the ball as hard as I could and just hope that it would work in my favor (it rarely did). So much of my progression as a tennis player has happened as mental growth such as applying strategy and playing smarter overall instead of trying to force a shot. To me, tennis is a mindset.

What does your team mean to you? It’s having the team along with me that has made this sport so fun. Some of my best moments in high school have been on the courts during practices and matches, all thanks to my teammates. Their support has been a great motivation for me to be the best version of me, on and off the court. I am forever thankful for the memories I get to share with them all.

What has St. Johns meant to you? I’ve been at St. Johns since pre-K and I’ve only grown to love this school more and more since then. My time at this school has meant the world to me. I’ve made the greatest friendships and I’ve had the best teachers to guide me throughout my high school career. Most importantly, the school allowed me to further my own interests in helping to rebuild and maintain the 3D printing lab. I was given all the tools I needed to succeed. I am truly grateful for every opportunity I have been given by St. Johns in building my path to the future.

Dream Job: Aerospace Engineer or Computer Vision Engineer (all subject to change)

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Biggest Pet Peeve: Unfinished conversations 

Favorite Movie: Ready Player One

Favorite TV Show: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
One skill you wish you had: I wish I was able to draw and sketch.



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