Senior Athlete Spotlight: Joseph Shimko III

Today's senior spring athlete spotlight shines on rower Joseph Shimko III! Read on to learn more about Joseph. 

Name: Joseph Shimko III

Spring Sport: Rowing

Which college will you be attending? Berry College

What does your sport mean to you? Rowing has been an amazing part of my life for the past seven years. This sport has enables me to grow as an individual and as a team member. I've made friends and gained mentors for life. This sport and this team taught me how to cope with change and adversity. Rowing is the ultimate team sport, because all it takes is one person to not be mentally or physically in sync and the entire boat is affected. I will continue my rowing career on the club team at Berry College, while navigating the journey of my future and growth as a human in this world of changes.

What does your team mean to you? My team these past seven years has meant everything to me. This is my second family and a brotherhood, the impact this team has had on my life will forever be apart of me. With my father being there throughout all practices and meets, these memories along with weekends under the tent working together like a well oiled machine with great coaching it truly broadens my definition of “FAMILY”.

What has St. Johns meant to you? Being a Spartan is everything to me. My home away from home surrounded by people I know will always be there as I will for them.

Dream Job: Environmental Law

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Biggest Pet Peeve: People not completing a task and or being late.

Favorite Movie: The Longest Yard

Favorite TV Show: Survivor

One skill you wish you had: The ability to dance.



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