Senior Athlete Spotlight: Parker Robbins

Today's senior spring athlete spotlight shines on tennis player Parker Robbins!

Name: Parker Robbins

Spring Sport: Tennis

Which college will you be attending? Ole Miss

What does your sport mean to you? 
Tennis to me means so much. It helps me with stress, keeps me in shape, keeps me surrounded by good people who want to help me improve. There’s nothing better than being with my friends on the court, working hard to get better and having a little bit of fun. 

What does your team mean to you? 
My close friends who I have bonded with through our love of tennis. Great group of guys and girls who love to have fun and also take winning seriously and work hard to be great. 

What has St. Johns meant to you? 
My experience at SJ has been amazing and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. Not only has St. Johns given me a wonderful education, it gave me close friends and mentors I’m forever grateful for. 

Dream Job: Pilot

Cats or Dogs:  Dogs

Biggest Pet Peeve: Bad WiFi 

Favorite Movie: The Mask of Zorro 

Favorite TV Show: Tiger King

One skill you wish you had: Best tennis player in the world


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