Character Foundations: The Big Three

It's August, and that means two things: The start of school, and the restart of St. Johns' innovative Character Foundations program. Each year in Character Foundations, students in all divisions learn about a new character trait each month. Younger Spartans practice saying it, demonstrate that they know and can identify the trait in action, and practice demonstrating the trait themselves. Older Spartans accomplish these aspects and spend time with younger Spartans, helping them learn about and demonstrate mastery of the traits. 

This month in Character Foundations, Spartans at all levels are learning about The Big Three:

  1. Treat Others Right
  2. Make Smart Decisions
  3. Maximize Your Potential

Take some time this month to discuss these statements with your young Spartan. Ask them:

  • Think of a time when their feelings were been hurt by someone. How did this make them feel? How did they react?
  • What are some ways they can make sure that they always treat others right and make smart decisions?
  • What does potential mean? What are some things your student can do everyday to maximize their unique potential?

Discuss with your child:

  • Have there been times that you, the adult, haven’t treated others right? What was the outcome?
  • What are some examples of smart decisions you made growing up?

One great example of The Big Three is the story of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, the 6-time NBA champion. He made 14 All-Star game appearances and scored over 32,000 points in his professional basketball career, yet he didn’t make his high school varsity basketball team when he tried out as a sophomore.

Jordan spent that entire year using this disappointment as fuel to get better. After he worked very hard and maximized his potential, he went on to make the team the following year and the rest is history! Along the way, Michael also made smart decisions and treated others right in order to achieve his dream of playing basketball with excellence.

St. Johns looks forward to seeing all of our Spartans Treat Others Right, Make Smart Decisions, and Maximize Their Potential this year!