World Languages Students Excel in National Exams

Each year, St. Johns' World Languages students take a national exam to measure their progress and proficiency. Last spring's results were delayed due to the coronavirus, so announcements were made this week about Spartans who have made impressive achievements in French, Latin, and Spanish.

L-R Mme Price, Ashlyn Rose '24, Sophia Woolard '24, Ashlyn Anderson '24, Sean Gregson '22, Mme Lebet. 


French students compete annually in le Grand Concours, a highly competitive annual exam sponsored by the American Association of the Teachers of French. St. Johns is very proud to share the following academic achievements of our Middle and Upper School French scholars: 

Middle School:

Ashlyn Rose '24 is St. Johns' overall top scorer in the Middle School. Ashlyn earned a silver medal with her 7th place finish in the state and 8th place in the nation. 

Two students earned a bronze medal on the Level 1 test, Ashlyn Anderson '24 finished 10th in the state and 11th in the nation and Sophia Woolard '24 finished 12th in the state and 13th in the nation. 

Upper School:

There were two medalists in the Upper School as well. In Level 3, Sean Gregson '22 earned a bronze medal, scoring 12th in the state and nation. In Level 4, Ali Korahais '21 also earned a bronze medal, scoring 13th in the state and 20th in the nation.

L-R, back row: Freshmen Noah Minners, AJ Hawk, Charlie Scarlett, Gentry Loper, Timmy Jackson, TJ Ryan, Richard Nichols, and Ben Payton. Front row, Grade 8 students Frances Bailey, Reagan Wagstaff, Charlie Morgan, Shane Reaves, and Isa Nix.


In March 2020, St. Johns Latin students took the National Latin Exam, along with over 127,000 students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 20 foreign countries. The following students were recognized for their performance:

Introduction to Latin Exam:

Certificate of Achievement: Frances Bailey '25 and Isa Nix '25

Certificate of Outstanding Achievement: Reagan Wagstaff '25, Shane Reaves '25, Charlie Morgan '25, Erik Williams '25

Latin 1 Exam:

Cum Laude Award: Charlie Scarlett '24

Magna Cum Laude Award: Timmy Jackson '24, A.J. Hawk '24

Gold Summa Cum Laude Award: Freshmen Gentry Loper, Helen Clare Makar, T.J. Ryan, Ben Payton, Richard Nichols, and Noah Minners

Latin 2 Exam:

Cum Laude Award: Kennedy Brown '23

Magna Cum Laude Award: Jacob Holyer '23


L-R Back row: Sra Murphy, Ellie Rosenau '21, Yash Aprameya '21, Avery Baskin '21, Robert Morris '22, Sra Calderón. Front: Maggie Kent '21 and Mia Morin '22. 

The National Spanish Exam is taken annually by students from Level 2 through AP Spanish. Students are awarded medals based on their national ranking. St. Johns is proud to recognize 8 students who earned medals for their scores:

Ranking at the 75th-84th percentile and earning a bronze medal:

Level 3 - Avery Baskin '21 & Mia Morin '22

Level 4 - Maggie Kent '21 & Ellie Rosenau '21

Ranking between the 85th and 94th percentile and earning a silver medal:

Level 4 - Yash Aprameya '21 & Fred Cone '21

Level 5 -  Jordan Sabo '20

And finally, earning gold at the 95th percentile and above:

Level 3 - Robert Morris '22

Congratulations to all our Spartan linguists!