Williams Secures 4th Trip to First Coast Spelling Bee

Erik Williams '25 with mom Annica, brother David '27, and dad Alan Williams.

Congratulations to Grade 8 student Erik Williams, who won last night's Clay County Spelling Bee, which took place at Lake Asbury Junior High School. 

"After ten rounds of challenging words like salubrious, beguile, legalese, and disparate," said School spelling bee sponsor and Latin teacher Rachel Robison '09, "Erik correctly spelled the championship word—venerable—and received his trophy!"  

"In addition to representing the academic excellence of St. Johns," continued Robison, "Erik’s kind spirit and humble nature inspired many of the officiants to approach me and compliment his extraordinary character—he is truly a Spartan in every way!"

The win secures Erik's 4th trip to the First Coast Spelling Bee, which will be held virtually on Monday, March 29. 


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