Cum Laude Society Inducts Eleven

This morning, eleven seniors and juniors were inducted into the prestigious Cum Laude Society in the 63rd Annual Induction Ceremony by the St. Johns Country Day School chapter. The Cum Laude Society is modeled after Phi Beta Kappa, the collegiate honor society, and works to recognize and encourage true scholarship. 

The ceremony was opened by Chapter Secretary Mr. Harrison Sepulveda, who introduced current members, including current faculty members Leslie DeStefano, Mary Virginia Fisher, Harrison Sepulveda, Kristin Hodge Jackson '00, Jordan Robbins Rechcigl '10, and Rachel Robison '09, and current seniors who were inducted last year: Ethan Albright, Alexis Drumm, Abbey Lantinberg, John Linge, Julia Nichols, Isabella Richardson, and Sims Wulbern.

Each year the chapter inducts up to 10% of the current junior class, and up to 20% of the current senior class. "Students selected for membership are not only great students," said Sepulveda, "but also great people with mature senses of justice and self-discipline."

"The academic achievements of students inducted today has earned them the membership into the Cum Laude Society," said Sepulveda. "As they pursue their education, it is our hope for each of them that they will accept the honor of membership in this Society as a responsibility to make some contribution to the ongoing search for greater understanding of the world we live in, of ourselves, and of our common human condition."

He then explained the society's motto, Areté, Diké, Timé - or in English, Excellence, Justice, Honor. Areté includes the concept of excellence in the moral sense, he clarified, and is not limited to the idea of superiority and scholarship. Thus, for members of the Cum Laude Society, the pursuit of excellence should be motivated by a genuine desire for personal growth and for society's betterment. 

"Dike in its truest sense means differentiating between what is legal and what is right," said Sepulveda, "and timé, loosely translated as honor, includes the concept of dignity and truth. 'Honor' is a word thrown around frequently in the context of events such as these and suggests that each of these students inducted today has a mature sense of personal responsibility."

Then, Mr. Sepulveda and Head of School Valorie Baker inducted the following new members, handing each their regalia, consisting of a certificate and Cum Laude Society pin:

From the Class of 2021:
  Yashas Aprameya
  Fred Cone
  Desiree Holmberg (in absentia)
  Maggie Kent
  Ali Korahais 
  Julia Schildberg
From the Class of 2022:
  Abbie Campbell
  Sean Gregson
  Mia Morin
  Robert Morris
  Ariel Sauer

Congratulations, new inductees!

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