St. Johns Presents the Class of 2022

In November 1962, St. Johns’ Founding headmaster, Dr. Edwin P. Heinrich introduced the first Senior Presentation—of the class of 1963to St. Johns. He had attended a similar event for his daughter at Agnes Scott College, and liked the idea of acknowledging the seniors’ coming of age and presenting them to the community as adults in their own right, ready to face the world. 

Today, the Class of 2022 enjoyed their own Senior Presentation starting with a beautiful brunch at Timuquana Country Club (TCC). It was an opportunity for them to spend time together as a class, with just a few faculty sponsors and administrators joining them. After photos and food at TCC, the Senior Presentation ceremony began at 1:00 p.m. in St. Johns’ Performing Arts Center. 

After a trumpet solo by Sophomore Timmy Jackson, Student Council President Walker Cowherd read the invocation and the Singers Treble Chorus delivered a rendition of “Durme, Durme.” Senior Class President Mary Beth Garrison read an excerpt from Lincoln’s Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation and introduced Head of School Valorie Baker. After a short greeting, Mrs. Baker turned the podium over to Homilist Kinley Hall ‘22, who read from the Book of Proverbs.

“One of St. Johns’ newest traditions,” said Head of School Valorie Baker, “is for the senior class to nominate their own speaker for Senior Presentation, and this year’s class has elected School Registrar Ms. Dana Goode.” 

“After the news was shared with me about being your speaker,” said Goode, “I decided that I would share with you what I think are three important qualities, all of which you possess, but I would like to remind you of: be kind, be present, and be you.” Goode’s talk touched on both observations and advice in each of these categories

Be Kind.
“I have witnessed a kindness in you that is not often seen these days,” Ms. Goode continued. “I know that you rally around a classmate who perhaps did not do so well on a test, or encouraged them during a sporting event when self-doubt may have crept in; that is a kindness that is needed. You put your own matters to the side because there is someone else who needs you, and at that moment that is what you do. I would suggest that you love the person in front of you. Sorry to put that pressure on you, but don’t worry, you always rise to the challenge.”

Be Present.
“It says so much to the people you are standing around talking to when you can put your phone away for just a few minutes,” said Goode. “It shows those around you that their presence at that moment is important; that again, they matter.”

Be You.
“You are a gift to your family and a blessing to your friends,” summed Goode. “Each morning provides a new opportunity to show yourself and the world what you have to offer.”

With nary a dry eye in the auditorium, the seniors stood as Head of Upper School Jackie Lentini read each of their names and, finally, Mrs. Baker read the words of founding headmaster Dr. Edwin P. Heinrich, presenting the Class of 2020 to assembled family, friends, and classmates:

As a teacher I present you to the academic world that you may enter it and meet its demands honorably and successfully.

As your Headmaster I present you to your schoolmates so that they may accept you and look up to you as their leaders and their shining example.

As your friend I present you to your parents so that they may accept you as adults who have come into their own and who are to be dealt with from henceforth on an equal basis.

As your fellow human being I present to you your calling in life that you may always have the wisdom to recognize it and the strength to live up to the divine calling in your life. 

Members of the Class of 2021 include:

  Angela Cristina Arellano Jeramy Dylan Lewis
  Sanaa Anyai-Shantel Bass John Edward Minners
  Ethan Jodel Beauvais Kiera Morgan Moisan
  Julia Oliveira Boaventura Dalton Tyce Moore
  Andrew Michael Britts Jonathan Donald Moore
  Kassie Ann Burton Mia Imelda Morin
  John Francisco Cabrera Robert Brent Morris
  Abigail Bree Campbell Emelia Patrice Morton
  Kaiya Lee Cooper Riley Madison Myers
  Lauren  Nicole Correia Lillian Elliott Ouattara
  Stanley Walker Cowherd IV Luke Phillip Pardo
  Dru David Detlefsen Anh-Khoi Pham
  Zion Judah Dugan Clayton Rusty Philpott
  Addison Elizabeth Ellis Margaret Schley Pizzi
  Mary Elizabeth Garrison Nathan Lenarde Rowan II
  Emma Nicole Gonzales Noelle Jessica Sanford
  Susannah Parker Goodwin Ariel Gil Sauer
  Sean Michael Gregson Justin Michael Shipman
  Kinley Spencer Hall Callum Michael Steiner
  Evelyn Luisa Hanson Matthew Gregory Stratton
  Adan Quinn Herrera Jordan Emilio Taylor
  Bradley Eugene Hodges Kamryn Ainsley Towers
  Finn Garrett Howell Trevor Grayson VanKempen
  Jude Lawson Howell Serenity Tamya Williams
  Hannah Catherine Lemieux  

Congratulations, Class of 2022 and families!