20 Inducted into NJHS

Group of 2022 NJHS Inductees on stage with certificates

As a school, one of the things we have enjoyed most during our reopening from the pandemic is our ability to return to hosting events such as this morning's induction of 20 Grade 7 and 8 students into St. Johns' chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Family, friends, students, and faculty gathered in St. Johns' Performing Arts Center to celebrate the students and their accomplishments. 

The ceremony opened with a welcome from Head of School Valorie Baker, who then turned the podium over to Head of Middle and Upper Schools Jackie Lentini. "We gather together today to recognize Grade 7 & 8 students who have worked hard to achieve academic excellence and who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning," she said. "Their work ethic, character, and exemplary skills have earned them a place in this distinct society."

"Keep that internal motivation to succeed alive," continued Lentini. "it will serve you well as you face challenges in the future. As you grow older you will find that the will to succeed, the sheer grit that it takes to overcome obstacles, makes all the difference in the world. Success is not merely the product of one’s strong intellectual capacity; hard work, perseverance, and your character are equally important."

Chapter Sponsor Mrs. Thea Burke explained the goals and purpose of the NJHS, which are to create enthusiasm for scholarship, render service to school and community, promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of the nation's middle and upper schools.

Scholarship, service, leadership, and character—four qualities held in high esteem by the society and upon which these inductees have been evaluated for induction. Candles were lit for each quality by Lentini, Burke, and Middle School Dean Mr. Pat Rodifer. As each candle as lit, they spoke briefly about the quality and why it is an important characteristic for inductees to the National Junior Honor Society. 

Inductees were called to the podium where they received their certificates before returning to their seats. The 2022 inductees to the St. Johns chapter of the National Junior Honor Society include:

In Grade 8:

  • Calli Berrang
  • Hunter Rodgers

In Grade 7:

  • Jordan Bliffen
  • Grace Castleman
  • Dominique Clark
  • Bailey Conner
  • Kinna Dobes
  • Myles Dubnansky
  • Teague Dunagan
  • Claire Emling
  • Madeline Finke
  • Hana Hutsell
  • Zach Hyatt
  • Rebecca Jacobs
  • Finn Kent
  • Essie Melicharek 
  • Andrew Nargundkar
  • Kyle Sachs
  • Blake Sheftall
  • Celine Torkzad

Congratulations, inductees! 

Photo of NJHS inductees