St. Johns Takes 2nd at State French Competition

Since 1975, St. Johns Country Day School students have been attending Congrès de la Culture Française en Floride, the annual student French competition for the state of Florida. In early March, St. Johns sent 25 students to Orlando for the 3-day event.

Designed to celebrate and attract interest among Florida students in French language, literature, and civilization, the students participate in various competitions including dictation, French conversation, reading, performing skits and plays, artwork, and more.  Today, about 100 high schools and 1500 students participate in Congrès.

Overall the team came in second place in division 1A and included the following (with their score):


Level 1: Taylor Illovsky - Bon (Middle School team)

Level 1: Kaitlyn Peterson - Mention Honorable (Middle School team)

Level 1: Anna Kemp - Bon

Level 1: Megan Wilcox - Excellent

Level 2: Jolie Ouattara - Excellent

Level 2: Jake Kailes - Excellent

Level 3: Abbey Lantinberg - Excellent

Level 3: Julia Schilberg - Excellent

Level 4: Lilly Peterson - Excellent

Level 4: Ali Korahais - Excellent (up a level)



Level 1: Ashlyn Rose - Bon (Middle School team)

Level 1: Ashlyn Anderson - Mention Honorable (Middle School team)

Level 1: London Lloyd - Excellent

Level 1: Olivia McTammany - Bon

Level 2: Cam McKenzie - Bon

Level 2: David Denemark - Mention Honorable

Level 3: Gaby Loustau - Bon

Level 3: Desiree Holmberg - Bon

Level 4: Lizzie Stoeber - Bon


Level 1: Sophie Woolard - Bon (Middle School team)

Level 1: Reagan Elia - Excellent

Level 2: Mary Beth Garrison - Excellent

Level 3: Claire Little - Supérieur

Middle School Saynète (skit):

Ashlyn Rose, Ashlyn Anderson, Sophia Woolard, Taylor Illovsky, Kaitlyn Peterson - Excellent

US Saynète:

Reagan Elia, Olivia McTammany, London Lloyd, Anna Kemp, Megan Wilcox - Excellent

Projet: Maddie Moody - Supérieur

Album: Lexi Drumm - Supérieur


Congratulations, French students!