St. Johns Country Day School

Honor Code

St. Johns students are required to maintain the highest standard of integrity, one of personal honesty and independence. By acceptable self-conduct, a student assists fellow students to abide by a proper set of values which is expected in a school environment and by society at large.

Students shall not engage in any of the following: giving or receiving information on tests, quizzes or any other graded assignment unless otherwise allowed by the teacher; plagiarism; theft or vandalism of school property or of another individual’s private property; harassment of others; lying, or dishonorable actions of any kind.

Recognizing that the existence of an honorable community requires the participation and support of all its members, it is expected that a student will report a violation when witnessed. This may be done confidentially to a teacher, an advisor, a guidance counselor, or an administrator.

Students will receive a written policy and procedures statement from each subject matter teacher. The statement will outline academic honesty policies specific to the teacher’s class.


“I pledge that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this assignment.”

Honor Council

The purpose of the Honor Council will be to recommend to the Headmaster the retention, dismissal or expulsion of those students found by the Dean to be in violation of the school’s Standards of Conduct.


3 Seniors
2 Juniors
1 Sophomore
1 Freshman
1 Eighth grader
(non-voting member unless case involves a middle school student)

1 Faculty Chairperson
2 Faculty Members
(MS or US, as appropriate)