St. Johns Country Day School

Advisor Program

Middle School advisor groups meet every Monday of the month unless an interfaith assembly is being held. Additionally, students meet with advisors on Friday mornings following full Middle School meetings at the Chapel Oak. Students are assigned an advisor who is either part of the grade level teaching team or a resource teacher to the grade. Topics chosen for discussion address the unique needs of a middle school student. Lessons run the gamut from personal/social to academic, and always include a discussion about citizenship and strong character. Activities and games that create interaction among the advisees often are planned for fun and to help build stronger relationships among group members.

Middle School advisors are involved directly in the academic program of their grade level advisees, and therefore are strategically able to address student progress throughout the quarter. This is especially important as the students learn to practice greater independence in the middle school years. The advisor attends parent conferences and welcomes a partnership with the parents to foster the student’s optimum academic and social experiences in Middle School.

Upper School advisors are trained in the specific activities and expectations unique to the grade level they advise. Advisor groups meet formally once per month. Each meeting includes lessons designed to encourage peer interaction and critical thinking about topics relevant to teens. Additionally, advisors meet one-on-one regularly with their advisees, and have informal contact throughout the month. Since advisors receive and review student grades regularly, academic concerns are discussed and addressed in a timely fashion. Advisors encourage a strong partnership with parents, hoping that parents will contact them with questions and concerns.