St. Johns Country Day School

Why we give

Charitable giving in itself is a reward. Giving to help support and maintain excellence in our children's educational programs is the easiest thing we can do. Giving directly to St. Johns gives families the most control over the future of their children's education and allows them to see the results of their giving first hand. We also take pride in knowing when our children move on to higher education, what we leave behind will benefit future generations at St. Johns Country Day School.

The Pecoraro Family

Our family gives because St. Johns is our home away from home. As parents, we have the blessing to see Claire and Connor’s appreciation of the teachers and coaches, their education, close friends, and the gratefulness to be a part of this amazing school each day. We are thankful to send our children to a school that has a healthy balance of academics, arts, and athletics while supporting the same character values we encourage at home. As a faculty member, I give because I believe in the bright futures of the children of our school. Teaching at a school where my children are is a part of what makes St. Johns so special to our family.

The Little Family

I loved my time at SJCDS. Our class was 10 strong, 5 boys, 5 girls. One of our mates, Raleigh Haynes, was the first student to do all 12 years. I only did 4, but what years they were! We were 60's children, born during WWII. I remember our Sr. Shack, Goody & Mary Jo, publishing the Saint's Scroll with a mimeograph machine, water skiing to school....Dr. H, Mr. Chisnell and Mrs. O'Shea. And not having to study my freshman year in college thanks to those fabulous teachers. As small as our class was, we have never had a reunion, but I remember the fun we had together, while hitting the books! I wish I had lots of money, I'd love to donate a full fledge theatre, but I don't. But I try to give every year to a place that taught me so much and where I had so much fun. Thank you St. Johns!

Shyla Beakes Brenan '62