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Watch the livestream to see the transformation of the deck and quad area thanks to the generosity of so many at the 2021 Gala & Auction: A Night in Old Havana. The space is not only the epicenter of our campus but also is an important extension of the classroom. 

Along with the newly renovated area, a brick pathway will be added across the quad. Show your support for St. Johns and leave your lasting message by purchasing a brick to be paved into this walkway!












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Blair Burke ‘10

“St. Johns was a complete wake up call,” says Blair Burke ‘10 as she reflects on her early days at St. Johns as a new freshman. She remembers being challenged to change her mindset and think outside the box. For many people, changing the way you think about things can be overwhelming, but because of the St. Johns family environment, Blair says she was surrounded by positive influences that encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone. 

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Jim Leano '89

When Jim Leano came to St. Johns in first grade, he remembers looking over on the other side of the quad with wonder. He finished his St. Johns career as the Student Council President and made morning announcements alongside Headmaster Stephen Russey. He recalls St. Johns being a fun place to go to school with every student being on the same campus. He practiced analytical thinking, time management, and reading comprehension in a safe and fostering environment. 

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James J. Townsend Jr. ‘75

When asked what word comes to mind when he reflects on his St. Johns experience, Jim Townsend ‘75 says nurturing. Jim remembers a safe place that was not exposed to social pressures. A place where a student can try anything without the fear of failure. A place where specific clubs, like the debate club, taught him how to be bold and confident, and those skills stayed with him when he debriefed former Presidents and Secretaries of Defense. 

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Carson Pickett ‘12

Carson Pickett ‘12

Arguably St. Johns most successful professional athlete, Carson Pickett ‘12 has already traveled the world, played on three different professional soccer teams, and been featured in countless news stories. Being selected as the fourth overall draft pick in the National Women’s Soccer League in 2016 reflects Carson’s standing as one of the best female soccer players in the United States. And yet, with all that success, Carson remains a St. Johns girl at heart. 

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Steven Harris ‘68

Steven Harris ‘68

Steven Harris ‘68 knew at nine years old that he wanted to be an architect. He may have not known then how he was going to get there, but this intelligent and motivated alumnus took every opportunity he could to learn about the world around him. Today, he is an extremely successful architect and professor living in New York City who owns his own firm, Steven Harris Architects. Steven has been recognized all over the world for his outstanding residential architecture. He attributes his success to his attention to detail in the way people live, something that was first brought to his attention when he began at St. Johns as a sophomore. 

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Saumil Oza '95

Saumil Oza '95

"Working during the COVID epidemic was certainly eye opening.  Although Jacksonville has been spared from the worst of the pandemic so far, we completely changed the way we practiced medicine. We switched all of our clinics from in-person visits to teleconsults. We cancelled all but the most necessary procedures.  We had to make difficult decisions regarding which patients to hospitalize and which to keep at home despite their medical problems.  Through it all, however, we learned to be more efficient and focus on ways to minimize patients as well as our own time in clinic and the hospital. In the end, I think this will be a paradigm shift in the practice of medicine."

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Jeff Carlisi '70

Jeff Carlisi '70

“Timing is everything” is a common phrase, but it rings especially true for Jeff Carlisi ‘70. The timing of his graduation from St. Johns and the state of the national economy at the time he graduated from college, combined with living in a particularly talented neighborhood, are just some of the external factors that helped Jeff have the incredible life he has had the fortune to lead. 

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