Signature Programs

St. Johns' Signature Programs

From its founding in 1953 by Dr. Edwin P. Heinrich, St. Johns Country Day School has always been a "college prep" school. But these

days, nearly every secondary school prepares students for college, so what sets St. Johns apart? Many things, certainly, but above all its our family atmosphere and future-facing curriculum that prepares students not just for college, but for life. We hear it again and again from our graduates-- when they got to college they not only "survived," they thrived. They had the skills they needed to excel in their coursework, understood self-leadership and motivation, and managed campus life with aplomb.

Building on this success, St. Johns is pleased to announce several new program enhancements that will help students become even more broadly informed and engaged and will better equip them for today's ever-changing realities in college and career.

Through these new programs, St. Johns Country Day School is redefining college prep and helping our students meet the ever-changing demands of the world they will face after graduation.