Fellowship Program

This unique program allows students to not only tell about their experiences but to show future colleges and universities their passion for learning.  It provides students a chance to differentiate themselves and to stand out.

St. Johns Fellowship Program

Open to any Upper School student, the St. Johns Fellowship Program is an exciting path to help students shape their paths for the future. Our innovative Fellowships allow students to pursue their passion for a particular topic and conduct "deep dive" explorations into targeted areas. For example, a student might pursue a Fellowship in medicine or government and politics, embarking on a customized course of study that provides both academic and practical experience that sets St. Johns students apart in the increasingly competitive collegiate and career world. Mass Communications or Visual Arts fellows pursue their interests, expand their experience, and build robust portfolios of work. Dedicated advisors help Fellows chart their academic path and access distinctive learning opportunities, such as faculty-mentored projects, networking opportunities, and off-campus internships. Diverse and robust online study opportunities enhance the St. Johns Fellowship Program, helping students become nimble architects of their own lives.