1:1 iPad Program

St. Johns’ 1:1 iPad program from Kindergarten up gives them the tools they’ll need to tackle anything in the years to come.

In Kindergarten through Grade 5, students are supplied with a school-owned iPad, which stays at school for their use at targeted times throughout the school day. Access is managed, and students use the iPads to enhance lessons, visualize concepts, and collaborate with classmates. 

From Grade 6 on, all students are required to have a personal iPad and to bring it to school, charged and ready to go each day. Technology support for student iPads is available on campus, and if needed, the school can also coordinate simple repairs (such as cracked screens).  Loaner iPads are available for the occasional times when a student may forget their iPad at home, but students from Grade 6 up are expected to be responsible for their iPads and to use and manage them appropriately.