St. Johns Country Day School

Upper School

What is it like to be a student in the Upper School of St. Johns Country Day School?

On any given day, students enjoy classrooms abuzz with the noise of teaching and learning, engaging assemblies in the Performing Arts Center and the chants of fans filling sidelines or bleachers. Throughout the campus, pockets of students study or converse. Many are planning the numerous club activities available to them.

In classes, students soak up varied subjects at varied levels in a superior college-prep curriculum. While St. Johns consistently enjoys high Advanced Placement success rates as well as outstanding SAT and ACT results, it is understood that students are developing skills for the long term, not just “the test.” Whether the class is standard, honors, or Advanced Placement, students collaborate and make connections, think critically and speak publicly. They are hard -working, goal-oriented and busy doing all the things that interest them and discovering talents they didn’t know they had.

Courtesy, sportsmanship, integrity, and acceptance are taught, modeled, and expected.

Supportive teachers and advisors, extensive college guidance, and challenging academics prepare students to succeed in college and beyond. St. Johns graduates recognize the value of their investment, appreciate the reward of a St. Johns education, and reinvest it in their future.

At St. Johns you will find an experience unlike any other – one that will prepare you for a fulfilling future as a collegian and as a citizen of the world.