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Passions Found, Purpose Lived

At St. Johns, we know that “college prep” means so much more than challenging academics. It means developing young adults who can think deeply and analyze critically, who have a love of learning and yearn to apply their knowledge in collaboration with others. By the time they're in Upper School, students are diving deep into areas of interest via our unique Fellowships program, working independently in our 3D Technology & Innovation lab, winning speech contests, excelling in world language competitions, and creating diverse, award-winning portfolios in art. In each endeavor, Upper School students demonstrate a deep understanding of both our liberal arts curriculum and the world around them, where they thrive as scholars, friends, and leaders. 

Photo:  Julia Nichols '21


St. Johns Fellowships are exciting programs designed to help students explore opportunities in their chosen area of interest. A St. Johns Fellowship provides practical experience, learning, and networking. St. Johns Fellows work with a qualified Fellowship Advisor who will provide guidance, connections, and leadership.


Serving Others

“He profits most who serves best,” reads the motto of Rotary International, sponsor of the Upper School’s Interact Service Club. Weekly meetings and monthly projects afford all Upper School students the opportunity to make a difference in the world around them. From local to global initiatives, a wide range of activities harnesses the energy and passion of all who choose to serve.

Who better than the students themselves to plan spirit weeks, friendly competitions among grades, and homecoming events? Members of the Student Council, charged with adding the“fun factor” to campus life, organize and execute frequent activities involving everyone in Upper School. 

Students gathered around a table packaging meals for the hungry


Leaders of Today
and Tomorrow

Student leaders abound in every classroom, hallway, and performance venue on campus. Leading by example means showing others that choosing to do the right thing is the Spartan norm. In both small and large group settings, students step up to the responsibility at hand. In doing so, they set the expectation for themselves and others that words and actions hold consequence.  The unique campus atmosphere generated by Upper School students is not easily described or replicated. Those who experience it just know it.


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Upper School Administration & Staff

Dana Goode

Dana Goode

Registrar, Upper School Administrative Assistant
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Michael Hilliard

Assistant Head of Upper School; Dean of Upper School

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Krista Parker

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